Think Strategically and Act Decisively

"We have a strategic plan in place. Are you telling me the plan isn't enough?" Unfortunately, yes; having (often painfully) established a strategic plan is commendable, but it is not the end of the story. You can only reach the plan's stated objectives through careful management and implementation of the plan itself. Strategy is not contained in the plan; it is an ongoing process that entails effort and innovation.

And thinking strategically shouldn't be the unique privelege of the strategic planning "team." Every decision made by each member of your organization ultimately affects the strategic plan—and the bottom line. Strategy must be a constant and ubiquitous priority.

Let Bob Jonas demystify strategy for you. Learn how strategic thinking will sharpen your competitive edge and make your competitors wonder what you're doing differently. Make intelligent strategy as natural and automatic as thought.

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The Importance of e-Commerce to Your
Global Business Strategies

Bob Jonas' Top Five Reasons Not To Consider e-Commerce Strategies:

  1. Our products are not a good fit for the Internet.
  2. If we put company information on the Internet, our competitors will know our secrets.
  3. We don't want to sell product on the Internet, so why would we need an Internet presence?
  4. We only do business locally, so the Internet and electronic commerce don't affect us.
  5. The cost of doing business on the Internet is far too high for the return on investment.

You may not see a need for e-commerce, but do your customers see the need? At its beginnings, e-commerce was simply yet another means of selling goods to consumers; however, it's quickly becoming an independent business process—it's how business will be conducted in the future.

Will electronic commerce allow you to beat out the competition on a global scale? Maybe, or maybe not. But if your competitors are considering e-commerce strategies in anticipation of customer needs, the matter is crucial: you must investigate the Internet's potential role in the best strategy for your company and industry, and for your customers. Your competitors may learn more about you if you're on the Internet, but if you're not there, they'll know you're not a contender.

Carry out your global business strategies through the development of sound business-to-business e-commerce, and reach customers and suppliers—around the world and across town.

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Robert J. Jonas CMC

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