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The Customer Marketing Method: How to Implement and Profit from Customer Relationship Management (Jay Curry, Adam Curry, 2000)

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play (Mahan Khalsa, 1999)

The Channel Advantage: Going to Market With Multiple Sales Channels to Reach More Customers, Sell More Products, Make More Profit (Lawrence G. Friedman, Timothy R. Furley, 1999)

Strategic Thinking and the New Science: Planning in the Midst of Chaos, Complexity, and Change (T. Irene Sanders, 1998)


Clicks & Mortar: Passion Driven Growth in an Internet Driven World (David S. Pottruck, Terry Pearce, 2000)

E-Profit: High-Payoff Strategies for Capturing the E-Commerce Edge (Peter S. Cohan, 2000)

Smart Things to Know About E-Commerce (Mike Cunningham, 2000)

The Business of E-Commerce : From Corporate Strategy to Technology (Breakthroughs in Application Development) (Paul Richard May, 2000) Customer Relationship Management in the New Era of Internet Marketing (Frederick Newell, 2000)



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