is a dynamic group of strategy management consultants focusing on top management issues. We provide our executive clients with valuable tools to effectively manage the inevitable: change.

We don't like the term "consultant," though we use it to avoid confusion. Our preference is the title "Strategist;" it articulates that we're here to strategize with you, not consult over you.

You can be confident that:

  • Our assessment process provides a mountain of data before we've uttered even one word. If that's not listening, we don't know what is.
  • We focus on practical outcomes, not high-and-mighty concepts. It's not about us. It's about you.
  • We slice the cost of our services to a fraction of what industry has historically paid, without negative impact to the results. In fact, we think our results are better than most.
  • Forget the heady, lengthy reports! You'll walk away at the end of our engagement with what is usually a two-page action plan. A plan you and your team helped create, and one you can begin implementing the very next day, with or without us.
  • After the initial engagement, you choose whether or not you want to use our services to assist you further. We endeavor to come like the rain and be gone like the wind. And be loved for the results.


So, then, who are we? Here are seven of our core beliefs:

  1. We believe a Strategist should be paid to create something of value, not simply to collect, synthesize, and report data you already know.
  2. We believe a Strategist does not add value unless and until s/he delivers practical, creative solutions, not theoretical concepts.
  3. We believe executives want Strategists with real world, executive experience.
  4. We believe Strategists ought to walk the talk. Decisions should be informed and made incisively and rapidly. The new economy does not support long, expensive engagements that fail to produce clear action plans and concrete, long-term change.
  5. We believe consensus can be reached and solutions identified anywhere there is focused effort—even in your office. Don't get us wrong—we don't censure retreats! We just don't believe they, or a week's worth of time, are necessary to a successful future.
  6. We believe you deserve tailored results, not a set of canned objectives delivered yesterday to another organization down the road.
  7. We believe you have far more answers than you may realize. You often need only assistance identifying, prioritizing and communicating solutions in a way that will create dramatic results and lasting change.




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